We love a good sunny summer day. That means it’s time to start cutting hay. The old saying to make hay while the sun shines is so real, only you don’t know that until you have to actually make hay. Your Dictionary actually defines it as don’t miss an opportunity. We heartily agree.

We go through a lot of hay in a year’s time. It gets the cattle through the lean winter months.

Trailering hay to the barn
Hauling hay to the barn

We generally feel more like grass farmers than cattle ranchers. The quality of pasture and hay makes a difference in the nutrition for our cattle. And since acquiring our ranch, we’ve had lots of pasture revitalization to make happen. Careful consideration goes into how we manage our pastures and hay fields to ensure the most nutritional feed for our cattle.

Running the bailer for hay
Baling hay.

As the saying Make hay while the sun shines goes, Mother Nature plays a big role in the success of our hay season. If the weather cooperates, we literally do make hay while the sun shines. We always give time in the morning for the dew to dry, then it’s go time! We run the hay cutters, tetter and baler until the sun goes down. And hope we can do it again tomorrow.

White truck with a trailer full of hay.

The last step is to haul the all the bales to their respective barns. It’s important to us that our hay stays protected until that winter day that we need to use it. It can be crazy, but the guys thrive on the challenge of trailering and stacking the hay. A good days work, for sure. And makes these guys hungry for a delicious, well earned, steak dinner.

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