Triple C Ranch TN is a family owned business, with three generations of the Cortese family involved. It all started with a move to Tennessee to be with family and a land purchase. It became a commitment to provide and produce the best beef possible. Humanely, safely, regeneratively. We have happy cows. We give them their best life possible and they nourish us well. The best synergistic agreement.

We need to backtrack a little. Our family has always been entrepreneurial. Never been afraid to start something new. We’ve owned industrial companies all over the gulf coast, and started a rum distillery in Louisiana, among other endeavors. After deciding to divest of that lifestyle, we were ready to retire. Sounds good, right? Only that’s not entirely how it happened.

What to do?

At retirement, we realized the dream was family. With part of the family firmly rooted in Tennessee, the rest of us made the move there. It quickly became apparent we needed space. Space for all the things like hunting, exploring, foraging and living off the land. So we bought some land. Everyone around us was doing cattle. Yeah, we had no experience in that, never stopped us before. and like I said, we’re very entrepreneurial. How hard could it be? But we also got very lucky, one of the first people we met, was a several generation cattle dude. He encouraged us to research cattle breeds. And promised to mentor us. Huge!

We did have a big background in sales and marketing though. And we knew the benefit of research.. So we started with finding the best cattle breed for beef. All points led us to Red Angus. We loved their docility (can’t express how important that was to us), their excellent mothering skills, and quality of beef. They were also one of the first to use genetic markers to qualify the cattle, a benefit to having a registered herd.

We also knew we wanted to raise happy cows. Humanely raised, no-stress handling, and the best pasture we could manage. Happy cows make the best beef!

Time to purchase the cows!

It was a go. Now to get our cattle. Only one of us was available to go the SERRA (Southeast Registered Red Angus Association) auction, that happens each April. OK, it was me. A woman. No big deal. I’ve got a catalog. How hard can it be? I drove to the auction, and was the only car there. And pretty much the only woman bidding. But that’s another story!

But I managed to get a dandy 13 animals. Woohoo! Over the next few months we added to the herd. And now we’re on our way! We’ve managed to learn an enormous amount about our cattle. We know each one by name, spend quality time with them daily. They are a joy to raise. But retired? No way! We work extremely hard every day, there’s no such thing as a day off. How hard could it be? Well, as it turns out, very hard but the most rewarding job we’ve ever had!

Please follow us on social media. We are on Facebook and Instagram. We sell shares of our humanely raised beef online. Triple C Ranch TN shop. We are fully invested in this new lifestyle. Couldn’t be happier or more well fed.